The Complete Basics Guide To WordPress

The Complete Guide To WordPress Basics

WordPress, you must have heard the name somewhere. Didn’t You? Don’t worry. Now, let me introduce you to the king of all CMS (Content Management Software) applications over the internet.

WordPress: An Idea To Power The Internet

Simply, if you don’t know WordPress, WordPress is the simplest and

a popular way to establish your own website or blog with millions of

plugins and themes, making your website more prominent making your

life easier.

WordPress is widely used and recommended by experts as:

  • Over 30% of Websites are powered on WordPress Over the Internet
  • In CMS Market Over 75% of Websites prefer WordPress over other CMS Applications
  • There are millions, and billions of WordPress Tools, Themes & Plugins, making it more extensive, beautiful, usable, and reliable than ever before
  • WordPress is also used by governments all over the world
  • WordPress is Open-Source & Free to Use

WordPress: Unplugged

WordPress basically consists of 2 things:
->Main Directory
->MYSQL Database

Main (PHP) Directory

The Main Directory of WordPress is a location where WordPress Stores its core files and main components required to work on WordPress. The core files are not supposed to be edited on your own as it can lead to errors and problems in WordPress.

Within These Core Files, some files are used for configuration of WordPress (“wp-config.php” and “.htaccess”). These can be edited by one must have prior knowledge to edit these as any error can lead to a website’s breakage.

MYSQL Database

MySQL is used to store all information related to your website’s Posts, User Post Profiles, Sensitive information in a hashed (protected) format like passwords, credit cards, and more. All information related to authors, dates, posts, pages, comments, and performance is also stored here.

The Power of wp-config.php

The wp-config.php is a bridge between the Main Directory and MySQL Database as wp-config.php is used to integrate both. The wp-config.php file is one of WordPress’s main components, and it should be configured by experts only.

The filetype configurations expert .htaccess

.htaccess is a file that allows one to set server configurations for a specific filetype or a particular directory. It could be found or used on any website’s directory running on Apache webserver or LiteSpeed webserver.

#WP-Content “The Real Boss”

Here comes the real boss of all the content used in your website, i.e., the “wp-content” folder. It contains everything, including images, cache, themes, plugins, and more used on your website.

All Data used in the creation, styling, security, integration, and acceleration of your website is stored in this folder, making it one of the most important folders in the directory.


That’s all about the basics of WordPress that one needs to know before getting your hands dirty on WordPress. We wish you all the best for your journey with WP. As we know, it’s obviously going to be super fun, As It’s WP. Stay Tuned for more WordPress related Blog Posts and Videos as we will dive deeper and deeper and deeper.

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