Must Avoid These Common Web Design Mistakes

In present times a great website is a must for any business. A website is the face of business, and it is of paramount importance to make it impeccable. A website with an unattractive UI design can make any business suffer. The whole idea behind creating a business website is to provide a better service to your customers. It works like a brochure for your clients. If it is cheap-looking or poorly designed, you will end up losing out on an enormous chunk of business revenues.

Imagine this. You have spent days designing your website, picked an attractive theme, added stunning images, and crafted compelling copy. You are 100% sure visitors will love your website. The only problem? You are not getting good views. Web designing is an arduous task. The designer must be qualified and be in a pleasant mood and have enough creativity to create an impeccable web design.

A website is meant to be attractive, enjoyable, and user-friendly. There are certain web design elements that you should consider during your website design process. Many web designers often ignore these rules, and they end up creating a cheap-looking and unattractive website. If you want to increase the amount of traffic, prospects, and sales your website gets, you should avoid making these mistakes.

Here, we are getting to discuss the 5 on web design mistakes to avoid in 2020.

SEO game not strong enough

SEO is as essential to business as breathing is to living beings. SEO is hands down the most critical factor that can either make or break your website. Great content provides exceptional value and gets found organically via search engines, but high-ranking results do not happen overnight. Old school SEO was a combination of stuffed keywords, thin content, and oodles of haphazard backlinks (whether credible or not). Suppose there are a few key things to hone in on for search engine optimization. In that case, it’s these: Focus on Long-tail Keywords, post content regularly encourages audience engagement, provide alt text to images, use the right keywords consistently.

Terribly constructed to call-to-action

How would you feel if you saw a delicious burrito on a food site and there is no order button? You would probably curse the site and vow to never revisit the site. Similarly, your website might be well designed. It might offer amazing products and services, but it loses its entire purpose if it lacks a proper CTA. You must always make sure that there is a well-constructed CTA for the users to take action. For example, if it is an e-commerce website, make sure there should be eye-catching pictures, descriptions of the product’s beneficial features, positive customer feedback, and the BUY NOW button should be creative and well-designed well.

Your website works at a snail speed.

One of the significant web-design mistakes is the speed of the site. If your site takes more time to load in this fast-moving world, it shoots up the bounce rate to the sky. According to the statistics, most users do not want to wait for more than 5 seconds for the site to load. If it’s slow, users will just close it and go for faster variants. This will harm the bounce rate and your business, in general. This often happens because of inexperienced developers or designers. If the webpage is overloaded with different pictures, amination, and videos, it becomes too heavy. While working on-site, creation always keeps in mind that simplicity and minimalism are the keys to successful web design. If your site has this issue, you have to implement tools to eliminate it. Your website should work at lightning speed to retain customers.

Poor website navigation

Navigation is a significant aspect of your website that increases accessibility to different pages. Your website navigation should be easily usable. All pages of your website should be effortlessly reachable through a navigation menu. Suppose a user finds it difficult to visit different pages on your website. In that case, that means you need to fix the navigation part.

Lack of Contact Information

Strangely, the unavailability of contact information is another common mistake. It is a golden moment when a visitor decides to opt for your products/services. Therefore, they must have the required contact information the second they decide you’re the right company for them. If a visitor must search through your site for contact info, they will likely get frustrated and leave. Your “Contact Us” page should be just one click away, or your information should be at the rock bottom of each page.


Bring in more business by fixing some of the above website mistakes and enhance your website’s functionality.

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