How To Install WordPress in Easiest Way

As we all know that WordPress is the power to more than 30% of the internet, so now let’s get our hands dirty to get it installed on our server or web hosting provider.

In this blog tutorial, we will learn how to install WordPress on CPanel based web hosting providers.

If you don’t know about WordPress, you should first refer to The Complete Guide To WordPress Basics.

CPanel: The All In One Web Hosting Solution

CPanel is the most popular web hosting control panel used widely as the most preferred web hosting control panel by various leading web hosting providers. In this tutorial, we will learn the easiest and the fastest way to install WordPress in CPanel.


  1. A Domain Name -: A .com, .in, .uk or a simple domain name with any TLD (Top Level Domain) If you don’t know much about domain name then you should firstly refer to this blog
  2. CPanel Web Hosting -: CPanel Based hosting to install WordPress.
  3. Your kind Support & Love -: To encourage me to keep making new vids and tuts for you guys.

The Magical Spell: “Softaculous”

Here comes our first method, which is the most common and most preferred way to install WordPress in CPanel based hosting. Softaculous helps you install WordPress within few clicks and makes it really easy for you to install, manage, and edit WordPress details. Here’s how to install WordPress in #Easy123:

Step 1:

Login to CPanel using your Web Hosting Provider

Step 2:

Locate To Softaculous Apps Installer and click on WordPress and Install Now!

Step 3:

Fill in Necessary Details and Hit Install.

But Make Sure That:

  • The protocol should be either https:// or https://www.
  • The version you install should be the latest.
  • You should not install WP in any directory (as for the main website) so remove “wp” from the directory.
  • You should use a safe Username & Password that you can remember easily (or note it down somewhere).
  • If you know what is WPMU (WordPress MultiSite) and you want to enable it then check the box otherwise stay away as it’s a complicated and advanced feature, and we will cover this is further blog tuts.


Post Installation:

After installing WordPress, you should log in to WordPress to check the installation and to customize your WordPress the way you like.

To login into WordPress, click on the administrative URL, as it will automatically log you into the WordPress admin dashboard from where you can customize it the way you want. You can install themes and plugins to make your website better, secured, and fancy, through which you can get the most of WordPress.


Through this tutorial, you have successfully installed WordPress, which is the first step towards a successful website. Now you must install a theme to give your website a unique look. Also, install various plugins to add features to your website to make your website the way you want. Don’t forget to add security plugins to your website to protect your website from various attacks and viruses, and keep editing your website freely the way you like.

Thanks for going through this blog tutorial. Please share this blog tutorial with your techy friends or WordPress Newbies to gain knowledge, follow the blog to know more, and comment down below about your doubts and issues (if any). Please keep supporting, and I will see you in my next blog.

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