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Best Way To Create A Website For Free – With Domain Name, Web Hosting, SSL & CloudFlare

Nowadays, the concept of online establishment is increasing as everyone wants to build their website. Usually, people want to develop their website for purposes like business profiles, blogging, drop shipping, portfolios, resumes, and many more in order to achieve their goals and objectives.

Many people had already created their website, and they are getting achievement in their objectives for creating their website. And many people are still building their websites up to grow and make their business and identity stand. But the main problem comes when people can’t afford to create a website, so they can’t fulfill the basic need to make themselves stand in today’s time.

So, Today, I am here to solve your problem by telling you the best way to Create A Website FOR FREE. That’s right, in this tutorial, you will learn how to get a Domain Name, Web Hosting, SSL Certificate, CloudFlare for free without even spending a penny from for pocket. I will also guide you through the installation of WordPress on the free hosting in this tutorial only.

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So, Let’s start with our blog tutorial:

Topics to Be Covered in this Blog:

  1. How to Get Domain Name for Free?
  2. How to Get Web Hosting for Free?
  3. How to Link Domain Name with Web Hosting?
  4. How to Get SSL Certificate for Free and How to Set it up?
  5. How to Get CloudFlare For Free (For more protection) and How to Set It Up?
  6. How to Install WordPress in Free Web Hosting?

If you know about a website and all information about launching a website and web hosting, it’s excellent. Still, if you have no idea about launching a website and all, you must refer to this blog first before proceeding ahead.

How to Get Domain Name for Free:

A domain name is a primary requirement of any website. If you don’t know about the domain name and its benefits, you can first refer to this blog for better clarification.

Now let’s check out the way to grab a free domain:

  1. Firstly, locate in your browser
  2. Enter a new domain name you are looking for
  3. Search for the domain availability by clicking “check availability”

After Searching the domain,

4. Choose the Domain you like by clicking Get It Now!
5. Click on Checkout

6. Change your period from 3 months to 12 months for free and continue

7. Enter your email address to verify it.
(I am currently using a temp mail as it is a test for me, but I would strongly recommend you to use real email to maintain access of the domain you are buying for free)

8. Open your email and click on the verification link that you received to verify.

9. So now you have to fill your details in there, and after that, you have to accept the terms and conditions by checking the box of T&C and complete the order, and after that, you will get order confirmation.

10. Now, you had successfully ordered a free domain and to confirm that it is active and go to “Services -> My Domains” in the menu.

Here, you can see the status is active, which means you just got the domain activated right there. Now let’s move further to the 2nd Part, i.e., How to grab a Free Web Hosting.

How to Get Web Hosting for Free:

So, to get free hosting, you have to go to from where you can get web hosting with great features like Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Disk Space, Free SSL, Free CloudFlare, Single Click WordPress Installer, and many more. This could be the best you can get without even spending a penny from your pocket.

So, Let’s Get into It

1. Locate to

2. Fill in the necessary details with Email, Password, and Captcha and hit Create New Account

3. Now Open your email and verify your account by clicking on the link

4. Login Using your creds you entered while signing up to confirm your email address and your account

5. Now click on create an account now

6. Now Go to a custom domain and enter your domain name, and search domain

7. Then Set Account Label (Name) and password and clear the captcha, and continue

8. Now, It will say to point your name servers to their servers, so let’s do that.

9. Go to Freenom and log yourself in (if not logged in)

10. Go to My domains in services

11. Go to Manage domain > Management Tools > Nameservers and change your nameservers as shown on the hosting page as in our case, nameservers shown are “” and “” and after entering nameservers click on “change nameservers.”

Note-: It will take up to 24-48 hours to propagate the DNS from one server to another but nowadays, the process is speedy sometimes. It gets propagated within 5 mins only.
You can check the status of propagation via the next step.

12. Now, to check whether the name servers are propagated or not, visit and now enter your domain name and change the type to NS and hit search.

If you see the new DNS servers that you entered above ( in step 11), that means the process is initiated, and it is in progress (see green boxes in the pic below)

13. Now, to check whether the servers are propagated according to our free hosting servers
-> Go to
-> Log yourself in (If required)
-> Repeat steps from 5 to 7

And If you see this (below in the picture), congratulations, your account has been created.
To access your account, “Open Control Panel.”

  1. You will see this notice Read this and hit “I Approve”
  1. Now You will control panel which means that you also got web hosting for free so congrats.

How to Install WordPress:

If you want to know how to install WordPress most comfortably and sufficiently, refer to this blog

How to Get and install Free SSL:

  1. To get a free SSL Certificate for your domain name, go to and log yourself in (If required). After click on free SSL Certificates

2. Then select the custom domain and enter your domain name, let the SSL provider be “Let’s Encrypt,” and click on Add SSL Domain

3. Now, you will be redirected to the following page, asking you to add CNAME records

4. To add CNAME records, go to your control panel (In New Tab) of web hosting and search for ‘CNAME’ and select CNAME Records

5. Now you will reach this page, and now you have to add the CNAME Records

6. Now go back to CNAME Records in the previous tab and Copy the Record name and destination of the first CNAME Record

7. Now switch back to the control panel, paste the copied record name under record name section (1) and the Destination under Destination section (2), and then finally click on Add

8. Repeat the above process by copying the “Record Name” and “Destination” of the second CNAME Record from the SSL Certificate Page and Paste it into the cPanel’s DNS Record Page. Add the second one too

9. Now wait for 2-3 minutes until you see ready on the SSL Certificate page like this.

Tip: keep refreshing the page in 2 minutes.

Note: Sometime it takes time upto 24 hours to get ready so please be patient if you are facing some delay.

Once you see ready like this, click on “Request SSL Certificate” to proceed further.

10. Now, please wait for 4-5 minutes until you get the private key and certificate

Tip: Again, keep refreshing the page to check

11. Once you receive the private key and certificate

Go to the control panel (in the new tab) and search for SSL/TLS and select it, then click on configure right after the domain.

12. Now, from the SSL Certificate Page, Copy Private Key and Paste it in the private key section and click on upload (if you are receiving an error, please try to upload it after 12-24 hours as it takes time to propagate)

13. Repeat the same process for uploading Certificate.

Congratulations! Your SSL Certificate is now successfully installed.

How to install Cloudflare:

1. To install Cloudflare located to cPanel and search for Cloudflare and select it, click on alter and enable on the domain you want.

2. Now Go To and sign yourself up on Cloudflare

3. Enter your domain name

4. Keep your plan free and continue

5. Again, Press Continue on this step.

6. Now Change the nameservers of the domain to Cloudflare nameservers as directed (Repeat the steps from 9 to 11 of “How to Get Free Web Hosting” above)

7. After setting up nameservers, hit done setting up nameservers and in the quick start guide, make sure to turn on “Automatic HTTPS Rewrite,” Always Use HTTP,” “Auto Minify,” and Brotli then finish.

8. Now, wait until Cloudflare finishes your nameserver verification. I once finished. Congratulations! You are on the Peak now.


So this was the method through which you can know how to get a website for free, and it’s not only a website but also a vast web hosting package that you are getting for free using this method.

 I hope you liked this blog tutorial, and if you did, please subscribe to my newsletters and my youtube channel. You can get to know many more exciting tutorials like this.

That’s all for this tut. See you in the next one. Till then, #Stay_Tuned.

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